Yesterday, I ranted about content and our need as an industry to continuing improving our capacity to produce the kind of material that the communities surrounding our clients want and expect from them. 

Today, I'll mention the need to understand the changing nature of influence, outlined in the attached analysis from Google (you'll need to click through and download the good stuff).  Thanks Scott Guthrie in the UK for sharing originally. 

In short, the same people we've always engaged to 'borrow' their influence - journalists, celebrities, athletes, etc. - still matter.  A lot. 

But a new group of influencers is emerging and in many ways is even more important: YouTube stars (I did say Google produced this, right?).  Their possible self-interest aside, YouTube producers stack up pretty well against traditional influencers for a few important reasons: 

  • they're where the people are
  • they're seen (and expected to be) independent
  • they produce stuff that specific communities want and like
  • they interact with communities as members in ways that other celebrities or public figures cannot or don't

What do you think?