It's nearly summer, which means my inbox is about to be flooded with CVs/resumes from recent grads. Most are forwarded to our people team to match against whatever openings we have, and some are actually invited in to see us for an interview.

Below are some great tips for making the most of those brief face to face exchanges, but how do you make it through the door in the first place? We interview hundreds, but we reject thousands at the first hurdle.

Three tips - ideally for before applying for a job:

Understand us. Get to know our story - who we are, what we care about, where we're going - and then us where you fit. You're a character in our story, not the other way around (at least for interview purposes).

Talk to us. Follow our blogs, social media accounts and let us know what you think. When looking at two equally qualified candidates on paper, I'm more likely to forward the CV of someone I "know", even if it's only virtually on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Showing is better than telling. We like people who can make stuff - a fashion blog, a podcast series on a sports team, videos to support a cause or candidate - anything, really, that shows you're willing to express yourself on topics that matter to you.

And a bonus tip - be persisent. Sometimes it takes a few knocks on the door to get an answer.

Good luck.