I'm trying to get a handle on the wide range of internship and work experience programs offered through the agencies within the Omnicom PR Group - probably the most frequently posted question on Twitter and LinkedIn now that I'm in my new role. 

Here's a look at Porter Novelli in London, explained by the agency's HR manager, Margaret Puttock.  

"We have a Summer Internship Scheme over the months of June, July and August with the aim of finding grads for permanent positions as Graduate Trainees  from September.   

Initially the internship is for 4 weeks with a structure programme overseen by a line manager (who provides guidance and assessing their time with us). 

Toward the end of the 4 weeks they will make a presentation to a panel working to a brief given to them at the beginning of the internship  based on new business, choosing a brand from our wish list and showing how we can get a ‘foot in the door’.   

We make a decision based on the assessment from the 4 weeks internship and the presentation – we are looking for potential."

While the 2016 program is no longer taking applicants, a year-round work-experience program is open:

"We try to accommodate as many work experience opportunities as we can throughout the year in order to give extra support to the client teams when needed and to provide the graduate with a good experience of working in PR industry and in an agency.   They tend to take place during university holidays but duration from 1 week up to 4 weeks."

For more information, email toptalent@porternovellli.co.uk

Good luck!