Coming to a Tube station possibly near you, CATS - Citizens Advertising Takeover Service.

This is a better conceptualization and probably a better execution of an idea I pushed a few years ago that mostly fizzled. 

That idea, Creative For Good, aimed to match creative people with causes looking for strategic or technical support to raise awareness, and while it enjoyed temporary success, it failed to stay afloat on its own (after a lot of initial support from the Ad Council in the US, the World Economic Forum and Ketchum, the global PR network and my then employer).

A 2.0 version is in the works, hopefully using 'dating network' technology to enable potential creative and causes worldwide find their mutual passion. 

The CATS program however, part of a creative collective called Glimpse, may more instructive: a specific focus and the link to Kickstarter gives the idea a substantive framework and actual rather than virtual resourcing. 

Stay tuned!