Funny this should pop up on my Twitter feed today, as I have had no fewer than five conversations in the last week with job-seekers looking for advice on cutting through on social media - or at least how to outshine the other job-seekers. 

Sure, the article below is about brands or products, but the essentials hold true for people, too: get attention, create value, find advocates and, be different. 

I would, however, take a step back before you start hogging attention.  What do you want to say about yourself? Who are you trying to engage?  If you were to speak in "real life", what would your conversation be about? 

I also think it's a good idea to spend a few moments listening before grabbing the mic.  Like encountering a group of semi-strangers at the pub; you wouldn't just butt in on a conversation to have them look at your cute shoes or listen to your views on Donald Trump. Well, not usually. 

And while being different is a start, I like to say, be nicely memorable.  Once after trying to answer a question online I received a nice, hand-written note from the questioner. No big deal, but nicely memorable. 

And the most important thing I'd add to Mr. Butta's (other than get a cool name like his) advice?  Get out there and see what works. The biggest barrier to being noticed is the fear of looking foolish.  

Any other tips?