Looking ahead to some projects we are planning for 2017, I was jotting down a few thoughts on similar initiatives from the past to see if there were patterns among those that succeeded and those that did not.

I'm not sure I would have seen the primary factor without this brief post from Jim Heskett, emeritus professor at Harvard and a lecturer regarded with special fondness by a lot of us at Omnicom agencies who have spent a few summer weeks with him, evaluating our own approaches to decision-making and leadership. 

Pride or arrogance? 

In short: those activities on my "win" list that were undertaken with pride were a lot more likely to succeed than those conducted with arrogance. And when looking at the 'fail' column, almost all came apart when arrogance (or vanity or insecurity or overconfidence - my own or otherwise) was allowed to outweigh common sense.

Worth considering as we close out 2016 and look ahead.