Thomas Friedman is not everyone's cup of tea, and even as a fan I have to wonder if he's paid by the word or the idea with this book.  Seems like it could have been a long essay. 

Even so, it's worth the slog. 

His premise is that much of what we're seeing in the world today - Brexit, Trump, the rise of extreme political movements across Europe - may have roots in the gap between human adaptability and the accelerating pace of change in technology, business and ecology. 

He may or may not confirm your beliefs about why these forces impact our daily lives or politics, but his "explanatory" style of journalism is extraordinarily compelling at describing how software, the markets and climate change are changing at break-away speed. 

Some will reject the premise when they get to his policy suggestions - a bit too progressive and/or free trade for the prevailing ideologies. 

I think that's a mistake.  

Whether you agree with the treatment plan, the diagnosis seems spot on.