In today's politically charged climate, just about any comment about any topic is bound to alienate at least half the public, so it was a little surprising to see  so many Super Bowl advertisers taking a chance with views on topical issues.

ICYMI: below is Stuart Elliott's Media Village take on this year's top spots and the trends that connect them.  Short version: there were more political messages than most expected, and they skewed decisively more anti-Trump than pro-Trump.

It could be that these were products of the moment - not the beginning of more overtly activist approach to marketing. 

Or it could be when brands committed to taking a stand on the issues and concerns they share with their employers, customers and communities. 

Time will tell, but advertising often leads the way for a brand's activities, and it may well be we'll see a stronger emphasis on social and political issues in corporate and brand PR programs this year, too.