Finally, after a life of stunted cognitive development and capability, my softer non-cognitive skills are finding some traction in the job-value literature. 

Great piece below on the importance of self-expression, leadership and personal motivation as differentiators in a world filled with math whizzes, number crunchers and, now, robots.

I talk to dozens - maybe hundreds - of job-seekers over the course of the year, and I tend to lean toward those who have good stories about their experiences and what they've learned, on top of any hard skills or technical qualifications. 

Here's what I like to know: 

  • when have you failed and did it change how you think / operate? 
  • have you ever had to change someone's mind about something? what did you do?
  • do good things happen around you, in life, at work or in school? why do you think that is?