I'm not so sure. 

I would usually agree with the author's point below: define yourself or let others do it for you.

But in this case, staying out of the swamp / above of the fray / in the shadows might work in her favour. 

Things are about as nasty in Washington as they've been in a very long time, and I don't see much upside to dumping her into the shark-tank, in full-frenzy at dinner time.  And her charm offensive on the campaign trail was largely ineffectual, at best. 

So maybe there's a slower, softer approach.  

My advice, Melania: stay out of the spotlight (in fact, stay out of DC) but find a cause or two you genuinely care about.  Show some quiet, behind the scenes support - a cheque, encouraging words for volunteers, a personal, private anecdote on why the cause matters to you - preferably as a mother, a woman, a human being, but not as politician's spouse.  

And absolutely no cameras, no appearances, no publicity.  

Your husband will ask (does he ask you things?) what's the point? And you'll say you're laying the foundation for something you can build on later, should the moment present itself. 

With or without the Administration's blessings.