Hard to believe the financial crisis of 2007, an event that came very close to plunging the global economy into a fatal tailspin unlike any since the 30s, was a decade ago. 

And even harder to believe how little we seemed to have learned from it. 

Understanding what stakeholders expect of companies and what they experience from them can illuminate a dvide.  This "authenticity gap", according to data collected and analysed by Fleishman Hillard, drives reputation, and it's not limited to your own corporate performance.  Your competitors and peers in industry can poison the reputation well for everyone. 

So what has the financial services sector learned over the past decade?  Not as much as you might expect, it seems.  Some are succeeding, but across the board, banking scores lowest among any the firm studied. 

Which is a shame, given the turbulence and pain of 2007 that dragged on, in some places, for years afterward. 

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